Booking Hotels in Tokyo

Tokyo, even though it is often deemed as one of the world’s most expensive cities, is literally teeming with cushy and immaculately clean accommodations that won’t cost you thousands of dollars. From its gorgeous classy hotels to its vibrant hostels and wonderfully weird capsule hotels, Tokyo has a wide array of affordable accommodations to offer for frugal travelers.

Whether you’re a solo backpacker or someone who’s traveling with a big family, there are dozens of great choices, as far as budget-friendly hostels and hotels in Tokyo.

Looking for cheap yet decent place to stay in Japan’s supremely vibrant capital? You might want to take a look at these budget-friendly hostels and hotels in Tokyo.

1. Oak Hotel

Oak Hotel is, without a shadow of a doubt, a terrific choice for those who are on the lookout for budget hotels in Tokyo. Not only are their accommodations easy on the wallet, but it also features spacious and cozy areas filled with all the niceties you should produce your stay a cozy and blissful one.

Cost range: 40 to 50 USD


2. Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

With its sleek home design, and convenient location, it’s no speculate travel sites and websites often tag Sakura Hotel Hatagaya among the top budget hotels in Tokyo. Nestled properly on Shibuya, this cozy and inexpensive hotel is merely a few kilometers from the Hatagaya Station. What’s more, each area in this hotel has various amenities, including a tv, air conditioner, private bath room and a free of charge access to the web.

Cost range: 50 to 72 USD


3. Palace Japan Hotel

Set up in 2012, Palace Japan is a comparatively innovative hotel that has been a backpacker’s favorite, because of its affordable costs and comfortable suites. Of study course, the hotel also offers all of the necessary extras just like a complimentary Wi-Fi access, to create your stay a pleasurable and soothing one.

Cost range: 40 to 50 USD

4. Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

A good convenient location, bilingual personnel and decent features make Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro a beloved among travelers, who are buying warm comfy bed for the night time. The most popular finances resorts in Tokyo, this auberge includes a shared kitchen in addition to a 24/7 café that gives over 50 different sorts of beers.

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