How to get a great hotel deal

Looking to score a deal on a great hotel? These digital tips and tricks will ensure you get the best price in the house.

Know the Market

Timing is key. The Web-based price predictor feature forecasts how room prices are expected to fluctuate for the next month-use it to find the right time to buy in any market. Then cross-check with DealAngel and Bing’s Hotel Price Indicator-both compare quoted rates with a hotel’s typical cost, telling you which deals are really worthwhile.

Stay Notified

Bank on price drops. You don’t have to do all the work yourself. Sign up for e-mail notifications from Yapta, and the booking site will alert you if room prices decrease; if you make a booking with Tingo, they’ll track your amount and refund you if a cheaper one arises.

Suspense pays off. You can conserve to 60 percent with mystery-booking pioneer Hotwire and Travelocity’s ” INSIDE INFO ” Deals. The trade-off: they don’t let you know where you’re keeping until you’ve paid out. For that, flip to Bidgoggles and HotelDealsRevealed, that may help you find out what property could be behind the curtain. Even better, Guestmob offers similar special discounts if you let it select among four predetermined accommodations for you personally (all in the same portion of town).

Try Your Luck

It’s much less risky as you imagine. We take pleasure in Priceline’s Name Your Value auction tool, which enables you to propose an interest rate to real estate you’re considering. Similarly worthwhile is BackBid. Utilize it to submit the facts of a preexisting, refundable reservation, and equivalent hotels will attempt to outdo each other on savings. You can even get big with Roomer: like StubHub for accommodations, it’s a resale market for nonrefundable bookings-sold at rock-bottom prices.

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